Its happening!

Its happening! Our kickstarter is chugging along! And we just wanted to let everyone know who is following, that we have our eyes on the prize! We are keeping all of our options open, and some plans may be tweaked, but the store is happening! If you haven’t given to our kickstarter and can, please do! If you are cheering us from the sidelines, Thank you. And if you are helping us come up with ideas to shake things up, thank for that too! It has been and continues to be a team effort, and we appreciate the whole team!


We are slowly getting there! We are going out and about to get the word out, hitting businesses and libraries, and even Starbucks! And not going to lie, I pick up a cup of coffee when I am there. We continue to research authors and I am designing the bookmark, its looking great! And Marissa is on her last blanket, a couple of more weeks and it will be done! I can’t wait to see it. If anyone has any helpful tips, please share them! Talk to you all soon.


This has been a whirlwind weekend! We launched our kickstart on Friday January 8th, and the excitement hasn’t stopped!!! Marissa and I flew to Phoenix for the weekend to go to the VNSA used book sale and found enough used books to fill couple of book cases! And the truly great part of that is one of the groups they used the proceeds for is to give foster kids a helping hand when they age out! What a great mission!
We are close to 3000 in pledges and hoping to end today on a positive note!
Thank you for everything!!!

Ever closer!

The video has been edited, and some background music added! Thanks to Ethan and Gene for all of your hard work!! We are finishing up some loose ends, getting all of our helpers lined up, and getting really pumped up about the upcoming week. We are launching our kickstarter on Thursday!!! So the next part of the journey begins! Thanks for all of the positivity from all of you!