We are open!!!

So it has been a wild ride to say the least!!! Our family spent three weeks helping us get to opening day, and we have been off to the races ever since! So a shout out to all of the Backlins and Johnsons who helped (you know who you are). Our journey to opening was eye opening, busy and fun. We have had our first Author Mix and Mingle it was awesome!, we have our first book club this Saturday with the one and only Jenreadsromance, come on out the 13th at noon if you can!

We have our very first release party the 20th of July with Nadia Diaments Bloodsucking Lawyer! Books and prizes are still available. And on July 24 we are having a Take Care of yourself night. July 25 our first Craft night! Come to all or as many as you can make!

Oh its 8;00 and time to close the store, talk to you soon