Tropes and Repetition

So I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day. This person could not understand why some early learning classes used repetitious songs over and over to teach certain rote skills like counting and the alphabet. This person also felt like it was a waste of time. I could not really explain in a short time the purpose of those activities, but it made me think about tropes in romance and how you could have the same trope in two completely different stories and it’s almost unrecognizable.

There are so many different counting songs by different groups of people, even with just counting to ten. And there are so many wonderful iterations of enemies to lovers (for example) that are all amazingly different. Repetition doesn’t necessarily mean bad and there is a huge comfort in familiarity and routine. Even as an adult, when my schedule is changed spur of the moment, I am thrown off and can get a little cranky. I’m sure all of can relate one way or another. We should embrace the repetition and trope and celebrate that comfort in familiarity, rather than throw it away just for being ‘the same’.

Til next time!


New Year = Bookstore!

Marissa here!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m not much of a writer, but here goes!

I’m not one for New Year’s parties or resolutions. Right now I am curled up on my couch right by one of my two sleeping dogs and we are ‘partying hard’ with some Netflix. It definitely beats the year I was invited to a get together and almost ditched downtown in an area I was unfamiliar in with no way to get home. And I am way warmer under a blanket crocheting another blanket.

I feel like the best way to describe my passion for books and reading is to inform you that I was punished at least once in grade school with a time out in my bedroom with strict instructions not to read. I got caught a half hour later reading a magazine and insisting that it wasn’t a book and they had said no reading books! Also, I currently have four bookcases in my condo and I have plans to pick up another one. My dining room is actually converted into a library. It makes sense that I would want to open a bookstore! And romances have been my passion for years. I had all of the Avon Teen Romances when I was in high school, all 12 of them. Of course, that doesn’t include all of my mom’s romances I would also sneak read!

And the puppy (she’s 2, but is still firmly a puppy) is now stretching like she wants to get pet, so I had better finish this and go obey the queen!

Til next time!